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NGNT DiamondProTech

Maintenance Kit

Maintenance Kit

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100ml DIAMOND QUICK BODY + 100ml DIAMOND BODY PREP + sprayer, 2 microfiber towel, gloves.

Diamond Body Prep is an ideal paint surface cleaner that will remove all polish residues, waxes and sealants to allow an optimal bonding for nanodiamond protective coatings. Diamond Quick Body is an effortless, nanodiamond hybrid Si02 spray coating which yields 6 months of hydrophobic protection. This spray and wipe formula will maintain and enhance our coating systems - protecting from UV oxidation and hydrophobicity. Immediately results in a slick, caramel gloss appearance on any coated or non-coated vehicle. See more here.


Optimal Decontaminant for use after wash

Removes Oil, Sealants & Polish Residue

Unique, Hybrid Si02 Formula to Rejuvinates Hydrophobic Effect

Added Protection from UV Oxidation and Water Spots

Reveals a Slick, Glossy, Streak-Free Finish

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